About Us

Welcome to our ‘About Us’ page where you will get to know us a little bit more!

We are Martijn & Demi and together we run Thor Athletics. For those who didn’t know, we are based in the top north of the Netherlands.

When writing this (October 2020) we are both working in healthcare, Demi in a nursing home and I work in Psychiatry. Our dream is to stop working in healthcare when Thor Athletics is growing to a point that we are able to work full time on our passion and really build a huge Thor Athletics empire!

Thor Athletics was born a few years ago when I (Martijn) said to one of my gym buddy’s that I wanted to create a clothing brand. My gym buddy was like ; sure bro, let’s do this! He asked his brother to join too (a web designer) and a few weeks later Thor Athletics was born.

After about a year or two we decided to split up, they are both more into music and I really wanted to make the brand more lifting related. I didn’t know at that point what I’d like to do and the business was not doing great.

It was at that point that Demi was helping me and I asked her to join and from that moment we are running Thor Athletics together. We did some very cool sponsorships where we did sponsor clothing to some local powerlifting meets here in the Netherlands and we decided to go there in person to support the athletes and experience the whole powerlifting environment.

We both instantly fell in love with the whole experience. A very knowledgeable coach and amazing humble person gave us some tips regarding the branding of Thor Athletics. After that we decided to ditch the clothing for now and start making lifting accessories. At the same time we started powerlifting ourselves. We both were training pretty serious before but more hypertrophy focused instead of more strength focused.

We didn’t know what to expect regarding the lifting accessories, we did a photoshoot to create some amazing content and go from there. A few weeks later (July 2020) we launched and from the start the amount of support is truly amazing and we can’t thank you all enough for this, we are very grateful.

As stated in our vision, we would like to support the most amount of people we can. We really like to treat every customer as someone who is part of the Thor Athletics family. I think what makes us difference in regards to other brands, we really care. We want to be personal, and then even more personal. We want to get to know every single one of you and watch you all grow both physical and mentally in all aspects of life and become the best version of yourselves.

Thor Athletics is for everyone who’d like to get as strong/muscular/fit/healthy as possible as safe as possible. We are all in this together, let’s lift each other up and build an empire TOGETHER.

Kind regards, 

Martijn & Demi